Brooke Schuh

Owner & Designer

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Web design and floral design by Brooke Schuh. Images provided by Tess Comrie @tesscomrie and Lisa Young @lisayoungphotos

At The Heart of Wild Poppy

We believe that every small responsible choice adds up and makes a big impact. Conserving our Earth and our healthy well-being by making mindful design choices whenever possible is what we're all about. Our vision is to inspire change in the floral industry by supporting the slow flowers movement and making sustainable choices, while never compromising our design quality. 


How We Help


  • Sourcing organic and sustainably grown flowers from local farms whenever possible  

  • Using reusable design mechanics in centerpieces, instead of toxic floral foam

  • Composting all organic flower leftovers, giving Mother Earth some extra love

  • Donating 1% of our yearly wedding & event revenue to The National Park Conservation Association